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How 'bout Dem AppleFests?

I’d like to thank each brother that helped out during the AppleFest. All worked a full day and many worked the entirety of both days. Clio owes a great debt and deal of gratitude for these brothers. Through their hard work we had what may be our best AppleFest ever, thus ensuring the lodge lives on another year. Without them busting their ashlars over the past years, Clio would have gone the way of many lodges in our district, forced to merge with another lodge. So once again, thank you, Brothers.

Also a big thanks to the Triangle Girls for helping us out and making that crew pictured below look less scary!

Although the official tally has not been made, rough estimates have it at our most profitable AppleFest yet. People love those fired pickles, fried Oreos and corn dogs. The new propane fryers we invested in work like a dream and have already paid for themselves.

Although we were busy and it was a lot of work, it's always fun when the brothers get together outside of lodge. There were lots of laughs and lots of junkfood consumed!

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