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Just a reminder that Clio will be manning the have-a-heart booth this Sunday, Feb 9th (as well as the following Sunday on the 16)

I have received notifications of help from only 2 brothers and one of them is not even from Clio (RW:. Phil Hurwitz and W:. Jeff Ross.)

Below is the original email with all the information.

Please help out for this worthwhile cause. I know we do a lot of work just to keep Clio here, but what good is being here if we are not pursuing our charitable causes.

We may have the assistance of the Triangle Girls (don't let them outnumber the Brothers working the event!) and you are encouraged to bring your kids to help with the heart "selling." They are far less scary-looking than us!

As far as dress code, in the past we've been encouraged to wear suits and even aprons, but I just want you there and don't care what you're wearing (as long as it's not speedos or a thong)

Thank you,

Brother Pete

On 1/10/20 4:53 PM, Pete Matthews wrote:


As discussed in lodge we have 2 days for the Have-A-Heart at the Greece Ridge Mall.

Sunday, Feb 9 11:30-5:30

Sunday Feb 16 11:30-5:30

Sign up for shifts is available on-line at:

Each day has been broken down to 3 shifts. I have put myself down for each shift but hopefully we’ll get enough volunteers that I won’t have to be held to all three in case something comes up.

This is a pure charitable fundraiser—all the proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House—so I hope to see a nice turnout. Events like this, helping others in need, are why most of us became Masons after all.

For those not-in-the-know, what we do is offer paper hearts, which, for a donation of any amount, we put the donators name on them and hang them on our booth. As mentioned earlier, all money raised goes directly to the Ronald McDonald house to help provide necessaries of life for the families of children in the hospital that are staying in the house.

So please, click on the link, sign up and then show up!


W:. Pete

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