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On Saturday, November 9th, the Scottish Rite Symbolic Lodge Award presentation was held at the Shrine Center. The award recognizes brothers from their lodges that go above and beyond the call of duty, that help when in lodge and when abroad in the world.

Congratulations to Clio's recipient, Brother, Larry Vaccarelli--a well deserved honor! Not only does Brother Larry participate at every fundraiser, he donates his spare time and baking goods by providing cupcakes and gift baskets for euchre prizes, chicken-shaped cookies for the BBQs, and all those delicious cakes and desserts at our meetings. And the icing on the cake is--he's a great Mason as well, embodying our tenets to a T!

And a big Thank You to Jessie Vaccarelli for letting Larry devote so much time to Clio as well as being there with him in the kitchen making all those sweet treats for us to eat!

Congrats again, Brother Larry--now what's for dessert next Tuesday?

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