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A Night at the Races--A Night of Fun

Come join us for Clio’s Lodges and Hilton Rotary’s Night at the Races—a video horse racing fundraising and fun-raising event. It’s a night to have a good time, maybe a few drinks, and to throw your money away for a good cause, helping support Clio’s and Rotary’s charitable causes.


Saturday February 29 at Pleasure Lanes Bowling Center in Hilton.

144 South Ave • Hilton

Doors open at 6:30

Event Starts at 7pm

Past Master Mike Postilli will be the Emcee for the evening’s festivities.

There will be a cash bar and we will provide pizza and snacks with your admission price.


$20 a person or

$35 for two

Your admission price will get you $10 in “funny money” (fake money you will use to wager on the races) and at the end of the evening you cash in your funny money for real cash!


You will be betting on real races (ones that were run and filmed long ago.) The races are on a DVD and will be projected onto a screen. They have been voiced-over with new announcers and only the numbers will be called, no names. The DVD is unopened prior to the start of the event--no-one knows anything about the horses or their likely chances. So leave your Daily Racing Form at home!

There are 10 races and you will bet on the winner only (no place or show).

All bets are $2

There may also be a few specialty races, such as an auction race, that Mike will explain at the event.


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