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On February 4th, Clio held its latest Chili Cookoff. We had a great turnout, with 9 chilis in competition. Although every entree was excellent, only one chef could claim the title as Clio Chili Master.

Tasters went to tasting...

...some went to sipping...

...then the votes were cast and tallied.

There were two Past Chili Masters in the competition, but they and all others were taken down by the new reigning chili champ, Brother Jack Ehrlich with his award winning “Jack’s Kick Ass Chili!” Jack can put aside his Past Master apron and proudly don his Chili Master apron to meetings for now on!

After the bean counters had racked up the scores, Brother Scott Harter’s “Guinness and Bacon Chili” came in at a close second, losing by just a point. Behind him was Past Chili Champ Larry Vaccarelli’s “Bloody Mary Chili,,” and coming in fourth was Brother Matt Scheffer’s “Magic Matt’s White Chicken Chili.”

My “All Seeing Eye-talion Sausage Chili” was close but did not finish in the money (but should have won, however, on the name alone.)

We raffled off a “Burn-Your Butt” Chili Gift Basket with hot sauces and spices ranging from mild to Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reapers. Brother Brett DeHollander’s lady friend, Carrie, walked away the winner making her a true Spice Girl.

Over all, the evening was a rousing success and I look forward to the heat of next year’s battle.

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